Qatar Airways allowed 6 commercial flights into South Africa

he Embassy of the Republic of South Africa in Tehran was informed that Qatar Airways was granted permission by the South African authorities to allow 6 commercial flights into South Africa during the current lockdown period.  

These flights will be scheduled approximately every 2nd day starting on 5 May 2020 and would allow South African Nationals/Permanent Residents that may wish to return to connect through Doha to Johannesburg.  

The details of these flights are:

Scheduled departure time from Doha

5 May 2020 QR1363 10h10

7 May 2020 QR1363 10h10

9 May 2020 QR1363 10h10

12 May 2020 QR1363 10h10

14 May 2020 QR1363 10h10

16 May 2020 QR1363 10h10  

Please note the following important information: 

These flights are commercial in nature and persons wishing to utilise these flights would need to make their own travel arrangements through Qatar Airways’ online booking system or through a travel agent.  

The cost for utilising these flights is the responsibility of the individual. The Embassy is in no position to make bookings or carry the cost on behalf of any individual. 

Qatar allows passengers from Iran to transit in Doha for up to 24 hours confined within the transit area of the airport. Iran is currently classified by South African Health Authorities as a high risk country, and individuals arriving in South Africa may be subject to the health protocols instituted, e.g. screening, testing, isolation, quarantine, etc. 

South Africa remains in Stage 4 lockdown and this may create difficulties for any individual to travel outside of Gauteng province since provincial travel remains restricted in South Africa.

Therefore, individuals may not be able to travel to other provinces following their arrival at OR Tambo International Airport and may thus need to ensure they are accommodated in Gauteng until these restrictions are lifted.  

Qatar Airways is currently not operating any flights to any other province or city and no such flights will be available in the foreseeable future.  These flights are aimed at returning stranded South African Citizens or Permanent Residents and are one-way in nature, i.e. Doha to Johannesburg. Therefore, these flights cannot be utilised to travel to South Africa and then return to Iran.

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